Tenuta Il Castelletto

Nizza Monferrato

Lodge tents and Villa apartments

Our grounds and the pool


Tenuta Il Castelletto is situated on one of the beautiful hills which Piedmont is known for. The total area is  about 30,000 square meters. Along the narrow access road there is a large orchard with 120 hazelnut trees and five cherry trees. Nestled amongst the greenery you will also find old plum and apple trees. There are  two large fig trees close to the villa and while exploring you'll also discover walnut and almond trees. The accommodation tents are pitched among the oaks and fruit trees on top of the hill. The trees provide  shade and a natural dividing space  between the tents which stand at least 25 meters apart.


The site makes for a great playground. It is hilly but not mountainous. Starting this year, various places are provided with swings and there is also a large trampoline.

There is a swimming pool on the hill, size 16 x 5 meters. The pool has a depth throughout of 130 cm. On the short side of the pool there are  gently sloping steps where the younger children and preschoolers can play. Beside the pool there is a spacious wooden terrace with wonderful Italian beach beds. The view from the pool is fantastic!




Around the house


Around the house there  are some old stables converted into cozy areas. The large kitchen is the centre of the place. 

On the terrace is a large table and there are small seating areas. In the morning we serve delicious cappuccinos.

 The whole terrace has great WIFI reception.


Another barn was converted into a lounge area. There are tables to play games and there is a television so you will not miss any big games. There are also books and magazines. There is a fast wireless internet connection so the space was renamed the "WIFI-Canteen" in the summer of 2015.

For  guests  who love music  there is a piano to play for entertainment. Further, there are all kinds of brochures and maps as well as a  booklet compiled by guests, which includes the best places to eat. For those who do not feel like shopping, there is a small selection for sale of local wines and other delicacies like truffle oil, pasta sauces and jams.